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Update date: 04/27/2017

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 - EAN 0 . CZECH MUSIC QUARTERLY 2/2012 magazine in English / casopis anglicky

Record Label: HIS
Catalogue Nr.:  CMQ022012

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Miroslav Srnka's forest phase and flying carpet
by Petr Bakla

Peter Graham's Subversive Etudes
by Iva Oplistilova

rAdioCUSTICA 2011
by Michal Rataj

European dance repertoire in Czech manuscripts of the first half of the 19th century
by Zdenek Vejvoda

Violinist Josef Spacek: "The Queen Elisabeth Competition is a bit like a reality show"
by Dita Kopacova-Hradecka

Pavel Borkovec - Between Constructivism and Lyricism
by Pavel Haas


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CZECH MUSIC QUARTERLY 1/2012 magazine in English / casopis anglicky
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GRAHAM P. (b.1952) DER ERSTE / Ensemble Mondschein

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