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1CD - EAN 8595089510158 VALASKE PESNICKY - VALACHIAN SONGS / Cimbalova muzika Solan / Dulcimer Band Solan, Folk String Trio of the Cimbalom Band Jasenka

Record Label: Gnosis
Catalogue Nr.:  GMUSIC0152
Format: CD - compact disc
UPC / EAN Code: 8595089510158
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Lucka zelena - Ej, povez, povez - Sla devecka - Holubenka bleda - Lastovenka leniva
(songs from Lucka u Vizovic)
Moja zena dycky hudle
(from Jasenice u Valasskeho Mezirici)
Nedavaj na, mamko
(girlīs song from Novy Hrozenkov)
Vim zahradku trnenu
(from Novy Hrozenkov)
Gulajte, mamenko, kosulenku
(ancient dance from Stritez nad Becvou)
Lastovenka, maly ftacek
(wedding song from Videc)
Malolhocke pole - Dyz na vojnu verbovali
(polkas from Meziricsko)
V javorovych horach
(ballad from Breznice)
Kulalo sa, kulalo
(ancient dance from Przno)
A dyz ja vyjdu na kopec
(shepherd songs)
Este bylo styry tydne pred hody
(songs for dance "stara uherska")
Nebude nam dycky tak
(magpipe from Nedasov)
Jedu chlapeci - Dyz ja idu od svej milej - Ani sem doma nebyl
(valachian from Valasska Bystrice)
Zahraj ne, muziko - Na zdravi nase - Ten baranek cernojoky - Enem chlapci vesele - Aj, daj nam Panbu
(drink songs from Jasenice u Valasskeho Mezirici)
Hoj, lavecka pochyla - Goralko, goralko - Goralenka, to je lazen
(drink songs from Vsetinsko)
To me mrzi, muj synecku - Aj, pod Frenstatem
(love songs from Trojanovice)
Helelo, helelo - A jak sa ti kravy pasu
(hollering songs from Valasskokloboucko)
Skoda ta, synecku - Studena vodenko
(love songs from Ratibor)
Zajali, zajali - Uz ovecky zajali
(shepherd songs from Valasskoklouboucko)
Podme, chlapci, podme zbijat - Na Zdechove teho neni
(songs from Vsetinsko)
Hopsa koza, kozina - Na Brumove dolina
(songs for dance "odzemek")
Sla devecka do hajecka
(love song from Koprivnice)
Vseci lude pravja - Zelinko mila
(love songs from Meziricsko)
Nechcu ta, devcino - Dybych ja mel - Cervene jablyska - Ocka, cerne ocka
(songs for dance "gulana")
Total time: 60:12

Cimbalom band Solan
Lukas Spanihel - primas, lead violin, vocal
Borek Vitasek - violin, vocal
Michaela Barinova - violin, lead singer, vocal
Hana Augustynova - violin, vocal
Petr Cip - clarinet, flutes, bagpipes, Jew's harp (mouth harp), vocal
Monika Kovarova - cimbalom, table cimbalom, small mortised cimbalom, vocal
Martin Kovar - viola, vocal
Martin Barina - upright bass, vocal
Pavel Ptacek - lead vocal, vocal

Folk string trio of the Cimbalom band Jasenka
Zdenek Kaspar - primas, lead vocal, end-blow flute
Jan Volcik - viola
Jaroslav Zmeskal - upright bass

Girl Choir of Baca Ensamble

Josef Laza - lead vocal
Eva Porubova - lead vocal
Ludmila Vaskova - lead vocal
Pavel Cip - bagpipes
Pavel Ptacek - violoncello
Miroslav Urubek - violin
Vladislava Hrubesova - violin
Petr Zetek - cimbalom, table cimbalom
Marketa Pimkova - oboe
Jan Zezulka - lead vocal

We don't know for sure what the link is between Moravian Valachia and Romanian Wallachia. Maybe nothing, maybe a legend about Romain origin of mountain shepherds. The Moravian Valachs supposedly came from the East, from Slovak side, in the 15th or 16th
century, and they settled in the Beskydy and nearby mountains (now close to the towns Roznov pod Radhostem and Velke Karlovice). They established a shepherd culture there, bred sheeps and goats, lived in typical wooden huts (salase). The southernmost area
of the Moravian-Slovak border highlands and the surroundings of the towns of Vsetin, Valasske Klobouky, Vizovice and Zlin also belong to Valachia. Settlers and farmers had already come here by the 13th century. Considering this historical development,
Valachia can be devided into southern and northern parts. In music and songs, an influence of Lachia and Poland can be felt in the north, and that of Slovakia in the south.
The band leader, singer and song-collector Zdenek Kaspar has been the leading figure in the Cimbalom Band Jasenka since 1950. He has done a great deal of work in musicial programs and in ethnology. He collected and wrote down thousands of folk songs in
Valachia. The Jasenka Cimbalom Band has received awards many times both in their country and abroad.
The Solan Cimbalom Band is a foremost young Valachian band, which tries to build its repertoire in traditional music and its own original ways of arranging it. It was established in 1990. The band has been toring abroad several times.
(Gnosis Rec. 2000)

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