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Update date: 04/28/2017

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1CD - EAN 8588002496912 ROVINA R. A NEW DAY (2012)

Record Label: Hevhetia
Catalogue Nr.:  HV00592331 ? HV0059-2
Format: CD - compact disc , stereo digital recording DDD
UPC / EAN Code: 8588002496912
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  Price:    269,00CZK  (approx. 11,00 USD
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1. Walking Alone
2. Maybe
3. Sunshine
4. Song for Samuel
5. A New Day
6. One More Time
7. Home
8. Old School
9. No Exit
10. Not Everyday

Robert Rovina guitars, vocal, Tomas Jochmann, Ondrej Sluka drums, Tereza Cepkova bass, Dusan Marko flute, Lenka Novotna back vocal, Marek Buble saxophone, Mario Illes violin
All music composed and arranged by Robeert Rovina. Lyrics written by Robert Rovina.
The recording A New Day by the guitar player Robert Rovina reflects his creative move towards the utilization differentgenres as jazz, funk, soul, rock and latino are. His instrumental line - up does not lack a resolute energy and the enthusiasm for the
creating new multigenre combinations.
(Hevhetia 2012)

Links, documentation
Robert Rovina - homepage, sound samples Robert Rovina - homepage, sound samples

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