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Update date: 05/26/2017

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 - EAN 9788074283024 Tales of Old Prague Houses by Magdalena Wagnerova

Record Label: Plot
Catalogue Nr.:  9788074283024
UPC / EAN Code: 9788074283024
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Tales of Old Prague Houses by Magdalena Wagnerova
The air of times long past; the strong walls from bygone centuries; narrow portals; a host of house signs and a wealth of architectural styles: these are the houses of old Prague. Small palaces are full of great secrets, the stories hidden inside their walls having long helped shape the city's haracter and made it ever more popular. The magic of the Faust House; the Cubist beauty of the House of the Black Madonna; mysterious events connected with Sova's Mills; tales from the former prison in the Old Vogt's House; or the children's stories that once played out in the Storch house: all those and many more can be found within the pages of this book, dedicated to the old buildings that we often pass without a econd thought. The stories, both well-known and nearly forgotten, have a lot to teach out about our nation's great history; they can both entertain us and guide our steps as we wander through Prague's ancient, mysterious and beautiful streets.
(Plot 2017)

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Tales of Old Prague Houses by Magdalena Wagnerova